Welcome to TRANSMISSION DREAM, my art blog!

Favorite medium: Watercolors ♥

A little watercolor i did today

I had fun making cute little pixel crowns and cute little pixel sparkles with a cute (not so little?) Sora =^.^=

I think you're an EXTREMELY underrated artist here on tumblr!!! Your art is amazing but doesn't get much recognition. it makes me sad :(

Oh anon! >///< It’s really kind of you to think that my art deserves more attention, i’m really happy that you like my work!

As for being underrated well i really don’t know what to say…let’s be a little patient haha? in any case I’m already happy that there are people who like what i do! thank you very much anon! :)

I absolutely loved Elsa! I had a lot of fun drawing her :)

Currently working on a new painting! It will probably take a while so here’s an old one I made a year and a half ago, I hope you like it.

I know i was supposed to post this a week ago but then…school happened…i’m sorry guys :x

I hope this helps!

Aaah finally finished! The step by step tutorial of this painting will be posted tomorrow, I hope you guys will find it useful!

You were definitely missed! :)

Aaaaw thank you so much anon! I missed you all so much as well! I hope i will never have to go through such a long hiatus ever again!

Sketch for the tutorial I’m working on! It’s ready to be traced on watercolor paper!

(when i started the sketch he looked a lot younger, i don’t know what happened…i seem to only know how to draw him either as an adult or as a 6 year old)


Oh wow a new tumblr post. I really missed this place.

Uhm…I’m really sorry for being inactive for so long guys. Life hasn’t been going very easy on me for the past few months and I simply had no time to draw anything at all…

I lost a lot of followers which is totally understandable, but to all of you who decided to stick around despite my long absence, thank you so so much, I really appreciate it.

I’m working RIGHT NOW on a watercolor tutorial for the tutorial section I promised, hopefully i’ll be able to complete it soon.