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Welcome to TRANSMISSION DREAM, my art blog.

I like video games and watercolors.
→ Anonymous whispered : I just discovered your blog and I have to say your art is absolutely gorgeous! Especially your watercolors they're amazing!!! <3

Aaaw thank you so much!! <3 I’m really happy that you like my work >///<

→ Anonymous whispered : I think you're an EXTREMELY underrated artist here on tumblr!!! Your art is amazing but doesn't get much recognition. it makes me sad :(

Oh anon! >///< It’s really kind of you to think that my art deserves more attention, i’m really happy that you like my work!

As for being underrated well i really don’t know what to say…let’s be a little patient haha? in any case I’m already happy that there are people who like what i do! thank you very much anon! :)